Battle at Kruger – A metaphor for Cultural Strain within Enterprise Architecture Communities

In the realm of EA, all sorts of Cohorts will be the ‘animals’ of the past.  Yes, animals for they will be the ones not to have evolved into a pluralistic framework defeating archetype typical in them. These will be the ones who when in reins will be the anti-thesis. Just another reflective existence of the system. When they cohort, they will form yet another standard, which when applied in age demanding mass customization will again fail. For they have learnt to hear only what they have learnt to speak. This being their comfort zone, together they will form cohorts. And, will be on a road to the past. The world is fast becoming flat and cannot deny but be inclusive in its framework. Where, individualization yet not individualistic will be the paramount demanding trait from one and from all.

Have you been between Business and IT, or have you been between groups within IT. Have you tried ‘governance’. Have you argued why or why not RUP, Like-wise with Agile. Why Zachman Framework, why not TOGAF. List is end-less. All these questions seem more like a cultural issue than a technical one. These questi0ns gets played out in organizations, like it happens in the Battle at Kruger. 🙂 Its the law of ‘nature’ not ‘nurture’.


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