Ying Yang EA

Ying Yang  EA

Ying – Perfectly Aligned IT to business

Yang- Unfortunately IT has become a commodity and is no more of any competitive advantage to any enterprise particularly. All can afford technologies and are equally adept in utilizing them

Ying – Helped in creating a seamless business process

Yang- Can we really achieve seamlessness. The reality that we address today is actually the reality that is known to us today, really it is something of the past. The unknown factor is lot bigger and remains hidden from us until we develop our mind to discover and then understand them. Also, by seamlessly stringing together processes, a bad business will still remain a bad business. Ask a good engineer about the challenges that one has to overcome in intuitively designing new things. And, often answer will that the most contributing factor to the design is the unknown by a large percentage than by the known. Hence, we have the Murphy’s law. Which states that in the game of probabilities, the least known factor has the highest possibility of manifesting.

Ying – Identified and addressed redundancies

Yang- Getting rid of redundancies created possible unemployment, increased working class and contributed to the bourgeois

Ying – Documented and described the enterprise, such that its ‘dna’ became better known. Damnit! we got a blueprint ! !

Yang- Which enterprise wants itself to be completely and clearly be known. Should an enterprise become transparent, then Bureaucracy will be completely eradicated with the loss of innocence occurring. So, innocence is a political virtue for an enterprise. The higher-up management is hidden from the operational details that middle management takes advantage of. While the big picture is hidden from the middle management that higher executives take advantage of. Given this reality, is Enterprise Architecture a boon or a bane to an enterprise.

Ying – Yang – so what is EA really doing. Is EA the knower of all and doer of none.No, no damn!! It is about security, about SOA, its an IT thing. 

Then, who is to address the system stability? The equilibrium state, the entropic journey? Who and how?Aah! That is the job of the legislators. It is the Government’s job to rectify poorly functioning enterprises.

But how? By the connivance among the systems?


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