Antithesis – A Bridge Too Far “Operations Market Garden”

‘A Bridge Too Far’, a fantastic film. Why did Richard Attenborough make this anti-hero movie? Why was such a colossal waste documented on most expensive celluloid media? What story is being told.

What Lessons are to be learnt to avoid another enterprise (architecture) failure. In Operation Market Garden, was 90% winning a great win or was (is) it naive to attempt the – ‘A Bridge Too Far’

Ian Glossop’s Comments on LinkedIn:

Srinidhi said “Another great EA case-study ‘Operation Market Garden'”


Another great EA case study, this time successful, from the same era is the British Fighter Command. What Peter Checkland called “The Information System which Won the War”. 

People, processes and technology all brought together very effectively by an EA team called “The Tizard Committee” – and without the benefit of any fashionable ‘methodology’. Interesting to note how much input (lots) they had from the guys on the ground with significant operational experience and intimate practical, not theoretical, knowledge of the problem.


Srinidhi Boray Enterprise Transformation Consultant in response to 

Ian Glossop:

Very correct and the best observation. This is the hall-mark issue that afflicts planning that ignores the reality that emerges from the operation. Both of these also characterizes the Katrina and the Iraq War.

IT since it helps in ‘information processing’ it needs to respond quickly with correct information from the battle ground to the command center. In lack of any proper co-ordination the strategic decisions prove disastrous as it lacks the skills of real operation. It is the people of operation who will eventually win.

I also, want to make a case for theory. As it can be demonstrated that in lack of theory all planning will be along a ‘straight line’. I have been on operational or tactical projects that were utter failures, because they lacked a proper EA driven mechanism to brings the moving parts into proper coordination by forethought / analysis. I can cite many of these projects. EA is a theory that deals with ‘systems thinking’ and its main purpose is to better the operations by good strategy. Both skills ‘strategy’ and ‘tactics’ although hate one another, needs to be brought together by a good governance mechanism to achieve a good cause.

Checkout link below – How theories helped us understand that light was not traveling along a straight line. Physics has provided immense insight to ‘Systems Thinking’.

Also, it must be noted when the complexity increases, then it is imperative that the operational real time information must be speedily fed into the processes at the strategy level for any corrective action. In lack of which there could loss in resources. This typifies a complex process management is the most risk prone industry – drug manufacturing, supply chain etc.

The newer technologies such as mobile object technology enables such an architecture which works every well in a real-time dynamic ‘network paradigm’ (Kolona from Topia Technology).


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