Can Enterprise Architecture be Expressed as a Set of Partial Differential Equations?

By Srinidhi Boray

All complexities can be studied by applying simple Axioms, such that the laws of nature governing the system as a whole explains the EA behavior.

EnterpriseArchitecture = f (Process Architecture) +f (Performance) + f(Cost) +f(Architecture decisions) + f (Degree of Problem Complexity)+ f ( Process ofCreation) + f (Operations) + f (Market) …..etc

Change in any of the variable impacts the EA behavior, the concern is in understanding that a change happens and how this can be aligned with the desired objective.

Remember, increasing ‘Degree of Complexity’ reduces the ‘Degree of Freedom’, from Goldratt’s Theory Of Constraint ;

i.e, ‘Complexity’ and ‘Freedom of  Operation’ are inversely proportional.

ProcessArch = f(Business Arch) +f(Information Arch) + f(Solution Arch) + f (TechnologyArch) + f (Degree of Solution Complexity) + …etc

Processes= f (Function) +f (Business Ontology) + f (Degree of Business Abstraction) + f(Aggregated Cost)

Function=f (Activities) + f (physical resources) + f (information) + f (abstraction –businessrules) + f (actual cost) + ……etc

Since Enterprise Architecture entails both ‘analysis’ and ‘synthesis’., differential calculus and integration both could be applied.



  1. I think EA as a behavior is both a probabilistic scheme of things and also riddled with stochastic occurrence. The statistical study applies to the probabilistic behavior and the stochastic to random behavior. It is with this idea that I got attracted to ‘implicate order’ which tries to combine both and studies the random occurrence triggered by some sources that do not lie within the probabilistically deterministic system.

    Would be very interested to learn how your PhD work will progress. You have my very best wishes for your work in a very interesting subject area.

    Srinidhi – ingine

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