When System is a Spaghetti – The Cartesian System Breakdown

Spaghetti – Metaphor for Complexity

Enterprise (System) in reality is a complex interweaving mass. Architecture is a mere attempt to represent the complex entity via a systematic process while relying on some sense of an Ontology’, which has classically relied on the Cartesian System. The dynamics emerging from the complex interplay among the various resources, with People being the most prominent – contributes to energy that is responsible for any work done. All-together in some sense the enterprise can only be best visualized as a spaghetti. Each strand being an instance of any ‘thing’ that the mind is capable of envisioning at that time. For instance a ‘business process’, or a ‘procedure’, or a technology enabler. More larger the enterprise the spaghetti depiction becomes that much more complex and so the dynamic interplay experiencing Cartesian Dilemma, eventually contributes to the break-down of the  classical ontological model. And as always, an enterprise has a complex co-existence with other enterprises. This means a simple mathematical models can no longer be applied. Especially when the complexity compounds, the degree of freedom reduces (Theory of Constraints). This is the real reason for the present mess that wall-street and consequently the main-street is in.

One cannot argue that mortgage is the main contributor to the current financial systemic mess. It is is but one iota. Overall it is a complex systemic issue. Probably some theory that works in explaining the microcosms and its interdependency on the behavior of the other systems can best explain the ‘logic’ if any where the mechanistic ’cause and effect’ has a diminishing role to play. This is where the notion of ‘implicate order’  becomes important to understand the ontology behind the ‘Enterprise Architecture’.

Note: Cartesian System inherently promotes extreme linearization. These results into gaussian distribution and hence disparities in the system. Such a system is considered to be containing systemic fault owing to Cartesian Dilemma.


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