Month: December 2008

Implicate Order – Descriptive Mechanism for Large System(s) of Systems Behavior

Past is your Enemy

Changing patterns. Moving targets. Contending objectives. Subjective Strategies. Difficult to align objective actions. Probabilistically Deterministic. High Occurrence of Random events.

When System Behavior Characterized by Cartesian Dilemma.

Then “Implicate Order” as Ontology is the answer

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When Cartesian Breaks Down - Implicate Order Reins

When Cartesian System Breaks Down - Implicate Order Reins

Enterprises in Generative Transformation (akin to Universe Life-cycle)

Universe Lifecycle

Studying anything in Space begins as a thought experiment. More complex the system becomes, that much more complex the thought experiments become. There are many valuable inferences that can be made from the insight gained while studying the behavior of the Universe. Such as, the way companies are formed, purpose that they serve, reason for their decay and most importantly the process that affects transformation. These thought experiments promote thoughtful actions having long term implications. Most importantly, these thought experiments are based on set of clear laws. It is these few basic laws that together can help comprehend the complexity. It must be acknowledged that the famous Einstein’s equation was available to ascertain the great energy generated when Uranium was subjected to nuclear fission and the consequent chain reaction, that was interpreted by Lise Meitner (Lise Meitner is a hero whose contribution was not fully acknowledged). Without the theories and its validation none could have been expanded further and brought into purposeful use.

All these experiments study the fundamental process due to which transformation in space, time, energy and matter happens. These studies are directed both at macroscopic and microscopic system. Furthermore, they study system behavior as a probabilistic outcome over a long period of time and also as an improbable occurrence in a microscopic time-frame. The probabilistic outcome in the macroscopic realm has some sense of determinism, while in the microscopic realm it is in-deterministic. Both of these has consequence on the order of the system. A system in any given time is riddled with both ordered and non-ordered behaviors. None of them is any less or more healthier than the other. Existence of these two together allows for Generative Transformation to occur. The order of the past becomes the disorder of the present due to entropy . The disorder forces for the newer modes to be discovered that through a churn comes to exist as a new order. This cyclic process is ceaseless. The extreme disorder and stress prove to be epiphanic, else the mankind will hazard annihilation by implosion.

First there was darkness and then there was a bang. (as per the thought experiment)

From the gravitational singularity happens the big bang.

The scattering matter due to the explosion coalesces taking different celestial formations and ultimately they emerge into a formation such as the solar system. In any political process coalescing can be likened to a popular value system espoused at different moments. The coalescing attracts people to flock around and create a system to action the popular values espoused.

The solar system owing to gravity  acquires order and all the planets and satellites obey an ordered existence. This order is expected to last until the Sun burns out. Chance plays a vital role in shaping the formation such as the solar system. For instance, the way earth acquired the shooting mass near its gravitational influence and turned it into moon. Earth revolves around the sun, moon around the earth and all three rotate about their own axis. Earth gives us 365 days by revolving around the sun and 24 hours by its rotation. The moon makes earth a bit inclined , also gives rising and ebbing tides  to the sea waves and wondrous flutter in the hearts of human.

All the harmonious order that the solar system seems to be in, is continuously threatened from its within and outside. Humans, mere as they are can only rise to manage what happens from within. The activities that mankind occupies with callous disregard for the environment creates global warming accentuating the steadily increasing heat from sun. Eventually the scorching heat will snuff out all possibilities of life on earth.

A muse: If it was the inanimate mass that breathed life into organism,then I wonder should we still consider it as lifeless and devoid of consciousness.

Enterprise Architecture Framework for Transition Planning (Line of Sight based)

- FEAC Institute, FEA Guidance, INGINE INC, Srinidhi Boray

Ref:- FEAC Institute, FEA Guidance, INGINE INC, Srinidhi Boray

Most challenging issue that confronts CIO is Modernization Planning. All-most all of them fail in envisaging a plan that accurately considers and tackles the issues in spatial, temporal and finally with budgetary aspects. Economics will prove to transcend all skills in Enterprise Architecture Planning. Combining integrative disciplines – EA – Economics – Program Planning and Management – one must strive to achieve “degree of operating leverage” on the available / created economy of scale. Only this ensures best value return on investment. In such thinking – ideas such as – operating leverage, degree of leverage, economy of scale and these discussed in the operating model as part of the transition plan is vital.


Enterprise Architecture a Landscape for Imagination

Enterprise Architecture being an Integrative Learning discipline encompasses several subjects that ultimately strives to create a landscape for imaginative work. It is a field that is first and foremost Creative promoting immense Imagination necessary for any transformative process. In lack of imagination mind atrophies into mindless array of activities. Imagination is the most powerful tool available to one and all. Albert Einstein had said – “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”. Knowledge is something that occurs owing to past learning and it in itself has very deep inhibiting  formations that restricts one from exploring the newer uncharted waters. Augmenting imagination is capacity to visualize, a powerful ability to conduct thought experiments with mere use of paper and pencil and Of-course! mind. Einstein used and developed capacity to visually imagine when he was 16 – he visually imagined chasing a beam of light – this eventually helped him develop his general and special theories of relativity.