Enterprise Architecture a Landscape for Imagination

Enterprise Architecture being an Integrative Learning discipline encompasses several subjects that ultimately strives to create a landscape for imaginative work. It is a field that is first and foremost Creative promoting immense Imagination necessary for any transformative process. In lack of imagination mind atrophies into mindless array of activities. Imagination is the most powerful tool available to one and all. Albert Einstein had said – “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”. Knowledge is something that occurs owing to past learning and it in itself has very deep inhibiting  formations that restricts one from exploring the newer uncharted waters. Augmenting imagination is capacity to visualize, a powerful ability to conduct thought experiments with mere use of paper and pencil and Of-course! mind. Einstein used and developed capacity to visually imagine when he was 16 – he visually imagined chasing a beam of light – this eventually helped him develop his general and special theories of relativity.

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