Month: July 2009

User-Centric Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture Design

By Andy Blumenthal

User-Centric Enterprise Architecture: Enterprise Architecture Design.

User-centric Enterprise Architecture provides information to decision-makers using design thinking, so as to make the information easy to understand and apply to planning and investment decisions.

Some examples of how we do this:

  1. Simplifying complex information by speaking the language of the business (and not all techie).
  2. Unifying disparate information to give a holistic view that breaks the traditional vertical (or functional) views and instead looks horizontally across the organization to foster enterprise solutions where we build once and reuse multiple times.
  3. Visualizing information to condense lots of information and tell a story—as the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words.
  4. Segmenting end-users and tailoring EA information products to the different user groups which we do with profiles geared to executive decision makers, models for mid-level managers, and inventories for the analysts.

Interestingly enough, in the summer issue of MIT Sloan Management Review, there is an article called “How to Become a Better Manager…By thinking Like a Designer.”

Here are some design pointers from the experts that you can use to aid your enterprise architectures (they are written to parallel the principles from User-centric EA, as I have previously described above):

  1. Embrace simplicity—“people often confuse simplicity…with simplistic….it takes courage to be simple…and the simplest solution is often the best.”
  2. Look for patterns in the data—“good problem solvers become proficient at identifying patterns.” Further, designers seek “harmony to bring together hierarchy, balance, contrast, and clear space in a meaningful way.”
  3. Apply visual thinking—often managers…rely heavily on data and information to tell the story and miss the opportunity to create context and meaning,” instead managers need to “think of themselves as designers, visual thinkers or storytellers.”
  4. Presenting clearly to specific end-users—“good design is about seeing and communicating clearly.” Moreover, it’s about “seeing things from the clients point of view…designers learn pretty quickly that is not about Me, it’s about You.”

MIT Sloan states “we have come to realize over the past few years that design-focused organizations do better financially than their less design-conscious competitors…design is crafting communications to answer audience needs in the most effective way.

This is a fundamental lesson: organizations that apply the User-centric Enterprise Architecture design approach will see superior results than legacy EA development efforts that built “artifacts” made up primarily of esoteric eye charts that users could not readily understand and apply.

Federal IT Dashboard – USA Spending

Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (S.2590)

The bill was introduced by Senator Tom Coburn, and Senators Barack Obama, Tom Carper and John McCain on April 6, 2006.[1]

The Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act of 2006 (S. 2590)[2] is an Act of Congress that requires the full disclosure to the public of all entities or organizations receiving federal funds beginning in fiscal year (FY) 2007. The website opened in December 2007 as a result of the act, and is maintained by the Office of Management and Budget. The Congressional Budget Office estimates S. 2590 will cost $15 million over its authorized time period of 2007–2011.[3]

See where your 70 $ Billion IT spend in 2009 is going. Analyze and understand if your money could be put to better use, or the Citizens are getting what they deserve.

To read the data, one must realize that there are initiatives and investment directed at projects. By auditing the initiatives, a lot of murky projects can be discovered. Already VA has discovered about 45 such projects and immediately they have been put on hold. More such muck is bound to emerge in other agencies.

In this entire scheme of making things transparent, exists segment architecture that gets defined  by the “Federal Segment Architecture Methodology” (FSAM). 

Accountability Transparency

Accountability Transparency

Cloud Computing – a Dynamic mix of Contrasting Trading Partners

By the argument of pure economics, will it be that Cloud Computing be either a Hayekian  paving way into Oligarchies, or a Keynesian driven Socialism. No doubt Larger the Cloud System, better will be the economics, and it will be formed by coalescing the syndicated services. Maybe the syndicated services will still be the small business, while the infrastructure will be controlled by Oligarchies or a plethora of mix of public-private models. Undoubtedly, it will be a pluralistic system funded both by the federal tax payers money and then again by the profit seeking investors paying through the stock market.

Gaming the Dice

Gaming the Dice

A strange tension between the large systems will evolve, and I wonder what would that governance be, parlaying the dynamics between the people, represented by its government, and the corporate, represented by the same people, who intend to seek profit for their investment. Will one of them emerge of gain more, when the dice of economics begin to roll in the conundrum of Clouded Cloud?

Only time can tell, what will eventually prevail. At this time it appears gaussian distribution will still govern the kenesian economic distribution.

Coronavirus and George Floyd – Powerful Icons of Change from those seemingly Innocuous

2020 – Again the innocuous and causing international distress Coronavirus and George Floyd untimely death is at our door step.

On purchasing cigarette on a innocuous $20 supposed to be counterfeited and then dying at the hand of police. Change is not the people, change is because we do the wrong thing then it becomes the Anomie per Émile Durkheim. [He formally established the academic discipline of sociology and—with Karl Marx and Max Weber —is commonly cited as the principal architect of modern social science]

“”Before George Floyd’s life was brought to a premature end this week, the 46-year-old Minnesotan issued a plea for the younger generations involved in gun violence and crime: drop the weapons, and “come on home”.””


Malala Yousufzai remains in a Rawalpindi hospital after being attacked for simply defending the right of girls to go to school. Malala despite being fully aware of the danger and as an innocent child who aspires like anyone else, did what most adults lack. To act in faith and trust, that her just full acts will not attract spite. But it did….the evil rose its hedious head. Change happens from most innocuous, not certainly from those elist who occupy big office.

26-year-old Mohamed Bouazizi – Lion of Arabia

It took a simple hawker to bring the dictatorial empire down

Mohamed Bouazizi unable to bear any more atrocities and make very humble living in a dignified way, in much dismay and desperation he burnt himself on  17th December 2010, since then world has not been the same

‘He brought fire to the Arab world’:

Tunisia protest icon’s mother shares her son with the world


Nineteenth Amendment – Woman began to exercise their franchisee  (Woman Emancipation)

Woman Emancipation

Woman Emancipation USA August 1920


Thirteenth Amendment – Abolition of Slavery – United States of America

Abolition of Slavery in United States of America - December 6th 1865

Abolition of Slavery in United States of America – December 6th 1865

India – Tryst with Destiny – Freedom at Midnight

China – Tank Man

Iran – Poetry From Roof Top

Sarajevo Lovers – Only Bullet Could Separate Them

Admira Ismic and Bosko Brkic were dubbed “Romeo and Juliet” because of their clashing ethnic backgrounds — she was Muslim, he was Serbian — and their tragic end. The two were both 25 years old, and had been together for nine years. They decided to flee Sarajevo in May 1993, when a Serb stranglehold on the city was at its height, to escape to safety, anywhere else.

Inseparable Lovers - Only bullet could separate them

Inseparable Lovers – Only bullet could separate them

Now Banned Sati Practice - Is an icon of change and woman emancipation

Now Banned Sati Practice – Is an icon of change and woman emancipation