Cloud Computing – a Dynamic mix of Contrasting Trading Partners

By the argument of pure economics, will it be that Cloud Computing be either a Hayekian  paving way into Oligarchies, or a Keynesian driven Socialism. No doubt Larger the Cloud System, better will be the economics, and it will be formed by coalescing the syndicated services. Maybe the syndicated services will still be the small business, while the infrastructure will be controlled by Oligarchies or a plethora of mix of public-private models. Undoubtedly, it will be a pluralistic system funded both by the federal tax payers money and then again by the profit seeking investors paying through the stock market.

Gaming the Dice

Gaming the Dice

A strange tension between the large systems will evolve, and I wonder what would that governance be, parlaying the dynamics between the people, represented by its government, and the corporate, represented by the same people, who intend to seek profit for their investment. Will one of them emerge of gain more, when the dice of economics begin to roll in the conundrum of Clouded Cloud?

Only time can tell, what will eventually prevail. At this time it appears gaussian distribution will still govern the kenesian economic distribution.


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