Oracle Academic Enterprise Solutions

A Twenty-First Century education places certain demands on Campus IT
• Information about students, teachers, and classes must be accurate and up-todate,
and it must be accessible to serve academic needs met by a wide variety
of applications.
• Students and teachers need flexible online environments in which they can
address subject- and student-specific teaching and learning needs.
• Students, teachers, and advisors need access to the increasingly rich data about
student performance and interactions so that they can help to ensure student
All of these requirements lead in the direction of a highly integrated campus IT
environment. Yet the architecture that exists on the typical campus today is poorly
suited for this goal, causing exponential increases in resource requirements as new
integrations are added.
Oracle proposes the Academic Enterprise architecture as an alternative that will
help universities scale their infrastructure to meet these increasingly mission-critical
needs. Based on common-sense principles of Service-Oriented Architecture and
pervasive use of standards, the Academic Enterprise provides both a complete
vision and a practical adoption path for colleges and universities to help their
faculty and students succeed using the best support that technology has to offer.


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