Month: August 2012

Transformative Enterprise Architecture Framework – Connecting Strategy – Tactical (Operational) – Execution (Implementation)

Defeat Darwinian Enterprise Model that is Adaptive, rather strive to achieve Generative Model that is transformative creating rich diversity from minimal sets.

Modified View of Zachman Framework

Connect – Strategy – Architecture / Operations – Implementation

Ref:- FEAC Institute, FEA Guidance, INGINE INC, Srinidhi Boray

Ref:- FEAC Institute, FEA Guidance, INGINE INC, Srinidhi Boray

Transformation Operating Model

Ingine Inc – Operating Model – Based on FEAF – FEA – OMB – CPIC

Metaphor For Generative Transformation

Metaphor For Generative Transformation

Generative Transformation is prompted by system. It is driven by the ecosystem in a holistic or holographic manner. Developing integrative effect the ecosystem creates invigorating environment, for those living within to start creative learning and discovering newer modes of lives. This creates opportunities for immense diversification, creating explosion in variety of forms with newer functionalities. This is in complete contrast to adaptive learning, where the individual life form learns and adapts reactively. Generative Transformation is pro-active, intelligent design driven and massively creative.