Multi Lateral Cognition – Key Learning and Discerning Capability to Study Complex System

Simple View

Multi-Lateral View

Music by Bach, Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart – they helped to reach our experience beyond known boundary conditions.

Beethoven was deaf, he could not hear his own compositions. But then how did he create “ode to joy”… he believed god whispered to him…else how could he write the program for the composition that lifts one to heavenly levels….I chanced upon the idea of generative techniques that he employed in the way music progresses and creates emergent musical patterns…this is true stretch in experience of the boundary conditions…where the human mind listening to music is taken to unexplored areas….and joy that awaits is exhilarating and ecstatic.

A metaphor for generative transformation creating emergence from incorporation of Beethoven’s composition “emperor” integrated with a visualization of a dynamic state of complex system; in which there operates multiple influences on context. The influences are themseles in dynamic change, like a cube or tetrahedron or such having multilateral influences, all in dance, in motion and intersecting with one another. Each lattice, each bounce, each intersection producing a perception. Continous are such perceptions in creation, and each one is unique and every one perception produced is emergent, nothing from past produced…how to view such a dynamic system depicted above as A Metaphor for Generative emerging from the multi-lateral cognition.


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