Know Your Health Ecosystem (Semantic Lake) :- Deep Learning from Healthcare Interoperability BigData – Descriptive and Inferential Statistics

Screenshot 2016-04-01 11.28.31; Platform for Healthcare Interoperability (large data sets) Analytics

Deep Learning from Millions of EHR Records

1. Payer – Provider:- (Mostly Descriptive Statistics)

Mostly answers “What”

  • Healthcare Management Analysis (Systemic Efficiencies)
  • Opportunities for cost reduction
  • Chronic patient management
  • Pathway analysis for cost insights
  • Service based to Performance Based – Outcome Analysis (+Inferential)

2. Provider – Clinical Data – (Mostly Inferential Statistics)

Reasoning to understand “Why”, “How”, “Where” (Spatial) and “When” (Temporal)

  • Healthcare Delivery Analysis (Clinical Efficacies)
  • EBM – Clinical Decision Support – Hypothesis Analysis
  • Pathways and Outcome (+Descriptive)

Health Information Exchange :- Interoperability Large BigData


Sample Descriptive Statistics:-

Inferential Statistics:-

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