Value Added Partners Invited –; Cognitive Computing Platform democratizing Medical Knowledge at Point of Care.

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Commoditization of Data Science and unleashing Democratized Medical Knowledge.

The mission of Ingine Inc as a startup is to bring advancement in data science as applicable to medical knowledge extraction from large data sets.

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Particularly following are the differentiators owing to which Ingine Inc is a candidate startup in hope of advancing science in difficult to solve areas; driven by decades of research by Dr. Barry Robson.

  1. Introducing Hyperbolic Dirac Net (HDN); a machinery created borrowing from Quantum Mechanics to advance data mining and deep learning beyond what Bayesian could deliver; against the backdrop of very large data sets riddled with uncertainty and high-dimentionality. Most importantly, HDN based non-hypothesis approach allows us to create a learning system workbench that is also amenable to research and discovery related efforts based on deep learning techniques.
  2. Create large data driven evidence based medicine (EBM). This means creating scientifically curated medical knowledge having gone through a process akin to systematic review.
  3. Integrate Patient centric studies with epidemiological studies to achieve a comprehensive framework to advance integrated large data driven bio-statistical approach which addresses both systemic and also functional concerns. This means blending both descriptive and inferential (HDN) statistical approaches.
  4. Introduce a comprehensive notational and symbolic programming framework that allows us to create a unified mathematical framework to deliver both probabilistic and deterministic methods of reasoning which allows us to create varieties of cognitive experience from large sets of data riddled with uncertainty.
  5. Use all of the above in creating a Point of Care platform experience that delivers EBM in a PICO format as followed by the industry as a gold standard.

While PICO is employed as a framework to create EBM driven diagnosis process as a consequence of both qualitative and quantitative methods that better achieves systematic review; medical exam setting is used as a specification to define the template for enacting the EBM process. This is based on the caveat that for a system to qualify as an expert system in the medical area, it should also be able to pass medical exams based on the knowledge the learning system has acquired that is scientifically curated by both automated machine learning and manual intervention efforts.

As part of the overall architecture, that employs some ingenious design techniques such as non-predicated, non -hypothesis driven and schema-less design; semantic lake a tag driven knowledge repository is created from which the cognitive experience is created employing inferential statistics. Furthermore the capability can be delivered as a cloud computing platform where parallelization, in-memmory processing, high performance computing (HPC) and elastic scaling are addressed.

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