Vision for Digital World Village Theme – 2D / 3D Public Information Dissemination Network

Syndication based 3D / 2D Digital Media Service Network Management

By - Srinidhi Boray (Ingine Inc)

By syndication of both content acquisition and in delivery, Federal information can be disseminated to broad array of devices, from broad array of sources.

eLearning & eEducation


Federal funded Visual Digital Themes

Invigorate ecosystem by intuitive themes

Invigorate tourism (tourist attraction & museum)

Effective dissemination of citizen information

Integrate government agencies and deliver important messages

Increase active citizen participation

Promote the culture of rendering governance at public place

Integrate public-private-consumer channels

Promote dialogue and transparencies

Advertise government achievements

Promote short films on art and culture

Demonstrate effective application of art & science

State funded Digital Theme

Similar themes as federal but more localized


Invigorate the environment

Diversity rich content

Promote curriculum

Develop dormant talent by showcasing art & science from all over the world, including real time events

Intuitive public address system and teaching aids


Medical Centers

Doctors Office


Shopping Malls / Outlets

Implicate Order – Descriptive Mechanism for Large System(s) of Systems Behavior

Past is your Enemy

Changing patterns. Moving targets. Contending objectives. Subjective Strategies. Difficult to align objective actions. Probabilistically Deterministic. High Occurrence of Random events.

When System Behavior Characterized by Cartesian Dilemma.

Then “Implicate Order” as Ontology is the answer

Click the picture to Zoom.

When Cartesian Breaks Down - Implicate Order Reins

When Cartesian System Breaks Down - Implicate Order Reins