What came first Design (Gene – DNA – Chromosomes) or Building Material (Protein) :- Architecture Paradox

Below is the Reply to a Question what came first DNA or Protein? One seem not to exist without the other. This a paradox.

System is combination of questions (problem domain) and answers (solution domain) – why, how, what, when, where. Also, it alludes to transformation – lets say driven by entropy. So, system dynamics.

A. DNA precedes Protein – possible

B. Relation between Gene, DNA, Chromosome and what it does to Protein

C. Paradox of DNA vs Protein – leads into Intelligent Design Discussion

D. Method to bring our mind to study them and arrive at more hypothesis, postulates or just appreciate the grandeur we live in.

A. Paper presented at NIH – discusses the possibility of DNA preceding protein.

DNA before proteins? Recent discoveries in nucleic acid catalysis strengthen the case.

B. Think Architecture Talk Language. I think we are struggling to represent complex concept structurally – typical architecture problem discussed with constraints of linearity in language.

a. Instruction Set
Chromosome is a molecule containing DNA cell
DNA cell is made up of gene segment
gene has basic unit code or stroke on piano
chromosome describes the script or note on piano = set of strokes
{Chromosome [(DNA(GENE)]} = information = coded tune for set of functions to emerge
I think chromosomes also knows how to orchestrate the choreography that finally realizes the living organism.

b. Construction Material
Protein is the building block. It gets instruction from set of chromosomes and it builds creating complex forms from simple building blocks. Complex forms are uniquely created with different functional capability.

More complex living organism, more complex sets of chromosomes. Simpler organisms have smaller number of sets of chromosomes. Humans have 23 pairs, that is 46 chromosomes

DNA, Chromosomes and Gene

Discussion on DNA – Protein

C. Paradox of DNA vs Protein leading into discussion about Intelligent Design discussed below

D. My own spin – studying Implicate Order and System Dynamics; proposed by David Bohm

Design (DNA) was created either by a designer or by an “emergence process – emergent architecture”. Also, it could be affected by both causality or acausality.

Chromosomes (DNA) is the implicate order – by generative process it creates the explicate order (everything external) in rich diversity. It is such an architecture, where the ontology of which has containment of the process of creation (notes, tunes, choreography and orchestration)

Complex subjects or ideas needs to be investigated employing integrative tools. To understand the how vs what paradox, we have applied ideas from what we have understood of the world from following disciplines – biology, chemistry, physics and economics + maths. It is the fight for resource (economics), which brings in modes of life form emergence from its simpler forms to complex forms. The fight for resource is both inter and intra. Fiscal Cliff is the fight amongst ourselves. Rich and Poor’ who should own the resource and who should benefit. It is fight for control and eventually our life.

Implicate order, studied within the notion of system driven by entropy discusses energy and need for achieving stability via entropic journey creating order and chaos. This creates various social structures with varying stresses. Order and Chaos are English words to describe the state of entropy as it dynamically exists in a continuum – System Dynamics. This is very well discussed in the video below.

Very beautiful video to see if a different perspective on thermodynamics helps our understanding of complexity and even more of life itself.

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The unique form that living organism takes; probably could be described combining macro & micro physics (quantum dynamics) and chemistry. Applying Pauli’s Exclusion Principle – different energy pattern affect composition, so we have a periodic table.

Distortions leads to Cancerous Growth within Enterprise

Programmed Cell Death is very important function to understand to gain insight into the way Transformation need to occur. When distortions occur in Enterprise Engineering, then this leads into obvious cancerous growth, which does not have easy remedy.

How many CIO’s in the market inadvertently are responsible for distortions?! Countless.

Enterprises in Generative Transformation (akin to Universe Life-cycle)

Universe Lifecycle

Studying anything in Space begins as a thought experiment. More complex the system becomes, that much more complex the thought experiments become. There are many valuable inferences that can be made from the insight gained while studying the behavior of the Universe. Such as, the way companies are formed, purpose that they serve, reason for their decay and most importantly the process that affects transformation. These thought experiments promote thoughtful actions having long term implications. Most importantly, these thought experiments are based on set of clear laws. It is these few basic laws that together can help comprehend the complexity. It must be acknowledged that the famous Einstein’s equation was available to ascertain the great energy generated when Uranium was subjected to nuclear fission and the consequent chain reaction, that was interpreted by Lise Meitner (Lise Meitner is a hero whose contribution was not fully acknowledged). Without the theories and its validation none could have been expanded further and brought into purposeful use.

All these experiments study the fundamental process due to which transformation in space, time, energy and matter happens. These studies are directed both at macroscopic and microscopic system. Furthermore, they study system behavior as a probabilistic outcome over a long period of time and also as an improbable occurrence in a microscopic time-frame. The probabilistic outcome in the macroscopic realm has some sense of determinism, while in the microscopic realm it is in-deterministic. Both of these has consequence on the order of the system. A system in any given time is riddled with both ordered and non-ordered behaviors. None of them is any less or more healthier than the other. Existence of these two together allows for Generative Transformation to occur. The order of the past becomes the disorder of the present due to entropy . The disorder forces for the newer modes to be discovered that through a churn comes to exist as a new order. This cyclic process is ceaseless. The extreme disorder and stress prove to be epiphanic, else the mankind will hazard annihilation by implosion.

First there was darkness and then there was a bang. (as per the thought experiment)

From the gravitational singularity happens the big bang.

The scattering matter due to the explosion coalesces taking different celestial formations and ultimately they emerge into a formation such as the solar system. In any political process coalescing can be likened to a popular value system espoused at different moments. The coalescing attracts people to flock around and create a system to action the popular values espoused.

The solar system owing to gravity  acquires order and all the planets and satellites obey an ordered existence. This order is expected to last until the Sun burns out. Chance plays a vital role in shaping the formation such as the solar system. For instance, the way earth acquired the shooting mass near its gravitational influence and turned it into moon. Earth revolves around the sun, moon around the earth and all three rotate about their own axis. Earth gives us 365 days by revolving around the sun and 24 hours by its rotation. The moon makes earth a bit inclined , also gives rising and ebbing tides  to the sea waves and wondrous flutter in the hearts of human.

All the harmonious order that the solar system seems to be in, is continuously threatened from its within and outside. Humans, mere as they are can only rise to manage what happens from within. The activities that mankind occupies with callous disregard for the environment creates global warming accentuating the steadily increasing heat from sun. Eventually the scorching heat will snuff out all possibilities of life on earth.

A muse: If it was the inanimate mass that breathed life into organism,then I wonder should we still consider it as lifeless and devoid of consciousness.

Cellphone based Micro-finance a transformation at grass-root level

Dichotomy accompanies the process promising  human Emancipation

Technology fueling micro-economics proposes to promote transformations at grass root level. Most importantly such a development is expected to augment self-determination for the marginalized. But the lurking danger is, the technology vendors are the investors for whom nothing matters but the ‘profit’ alone. Inherently, such scheme of things is bound to lead into dichotomy in the good intended purpose in the context of progress. Especially that accented for the poorest of the poor. Hazarding this danger, there still exists respite and an opportunity for the marginalized to seek expedited financial assistance, while acknowledging that for every transaction that a poor person affects, there exists a percentage to be paid to the investor. Careful harkening is begged, when Shylock is in the business of opportunity. That means to extract ($$$$) pound of (for) flesh. Poor’s man predicament is rich man’s opportunity.

Nevertheless, after dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s; for the needy who can afford a cellphone and is in productive vocation, it could prove to be Upwardly Mobile!

Upwardly Mobile

India is the fastest-growing mobile communications market in the world. The rural poor are rapidly adopting phones, so the technology could become a platform for providing banking services. Sanjay Swamy, CEO of the mobile-payment platform mChek, talks about the potential.
Video by David Talbot Edited by JR Rost

Six Sigma aids only Linear Transformation not Non-linear / Radical Transformation

By Srinidhi Boray

It is interesting to understand that Six Sigma works on the perfect hind sight and it’s future sight is dependent on the extrapolation of the past statistical information. Meaning it is a derivative of the past. In a way, future is spinning around its past (on its tail) in the Six Sigma realm. What can be inferred from this is that it is useful for applying to those systems that are linearly expanding. When a system is subjected to non-linearity, then Six sigma methodology breaks-down. Methods available within  Enterprise Architecture and Six Sigma both have vied for spots within large enterprise as a discipline for gaining significant business process improvements. When businesses are confronted by evolutive transformations, then newer approaches need to be sought. For, basis on which the Six Sigma is founded will be no more relevant. However, if six sigma is combined with EA, then mathematically it turns into integro-differential equation,

  • Where the EA is about integrating the different parts into a whole
  • and

  • Six Sigma is about dealing with deviations from the qualitative norm, so it is a partial differential equation
  • Combining both we have integro-differential equation 
  • What is ‘Change’

    By Srinidhi Boray

    Change affects everybody. And it will happen again and again, when the entropic equilibrium is disturbed. It is a systemic property. It is not driven by a person nor a simple one factor. It is not a property of personality. It is the intrinsic systemic property. Change happens so political reforms happen. It is not the other-way around.

    Many factor comes into play for a change to occur. It is very difficult to visualize changes and the transformations. The only thing that can be understood is the process that facilitaes the change not the final form the change will lead into, until it comes to a rest. As John Zachman points, change is a ‘step function’. It is not  a liner extrapolation of the past. It is a dynamic evolution of a completely new system, which is very difficult to be envisaged.

    From the Theory of Constraints, it is known that the degree of Complexity reduces the degree of Freedom within a certain system boundary. After a certain complexity threshold is reached, the system has to completely metamorphise to overcome the systemic constraint, and to do so, has to evolve into a completely new system. It will not any longer be mere re-form, rather it will be ‘generative’.  Certainty can only be held that long. After a certain threshold it will be the fiefdom of the Uncertainty until the next stable state is reached. While discussing harmony, chaos is presumed. The ceaseless juggle between the two is responsible for producing a newer system.

    Governance:- Managing Conflict & Change – The Intrinsic Duality of an Enterprise in Transformation

    Prophet of Management

    Mary Parker Follett

    By Srinidhi Boray

    The Forgotten Prophet Of Management

    Her interesting work ‘Dynamic Administration’ that resurrects the pluralistic universe, where multiple decision center exists, very valuable for understanding Governance in the context of the emerging converging systems.

    Notes on Governance:

    Transformation means change. Change means dealing with conflicts. Change & Conflict are the differing and agreeing partners forming the dynamic duality of the enterprises in transformation. Conflict arises from constraints. Change occurs when conflicts are resolved to overcome the constraints.

    Is conflict healthy? All conflicts are healthy. It registers the need for change through pain, or it uncovers the existing encysted seismic vein. Which unless uncovered and treated, change can never manifest.

    Given the entropic principle, all things that are at rest will eventually come to unrest and it continues this juggle to maintain the entropic stability, a probabilistic deterministic state. In which, order and disorder will co-exist. At coarse grain, the movements of change will appear slow, while at fine grain it will seem to be in a hurry and rather hither-tither.

    For any transformation to be decisive, it needs to be guided via mediations. Since, organization presumes existence of a social system, a mechanism is necessary to orchestrate the needed dialogue within the social system that is intrinsically pluralistic. Such a mechanism needs to achieve progressive mediations that render collective thoughts into actions those are transformative.

    During the times when self determination was systematically denied, all transformations were autocratic and not holistically congenial. As individuals have slowly emerged to stake claim of their existence while valuing their own individualism, (not yet a completely realized quality) and its important role in the system, managing the differing dialogue in the collectively collaborative process has become deemed important. Managing the differing dialogue means managing the duality, for instance between subjective thoughts and objective actions. Although all thoughts preceded actions and were necessary for all objective actions, all of them do not necessarily transform or reach into its objective end. This process of managing the thoughts from its subjective context into objective actions is ‘Governance’, more so a mechanism of collectively pursuing progressive transformation. Like a gardner who knows pruning is the best mechanism to realize a blossoming rose plant, Governance must allow for pathological approaches that attempt to consciously prune away non-productive processes, while acknowledging the inherent pluralistic social framework.