Generative Transformation :- System is the Method

Simple View – Cognition

Multi-Lateral View – Cognition

System is the Method:-

Application :- Accountable Care Organization (ACO) – Complex Adaptive / Generative System – CAS Modeling

ACO objective is to achieve Systemic Healthcare Effectiveness through High Quality Rendering at Least Possible Cost, by co-ordinated efforts, while the engaging to achieve a share in  the savings. This is completely a different Systemic behavior, such as seen in swarming of birds.

Cognition – result of social observation
Where each social unit employs relevant symbols to capture the knowledge and each of these knowledge could be a different level of abstraction. Enterprise or System Architecture as a architecture is sum of several architecture abstractions (various social observations), where architecture is considered as set of decisions. Architecture is established to navigate the system complexities. System architecture is described by sets of abstractions and system occupies different orders to mitigate complexities owing to entropy in a very complex system (messy).

The above challenge of observation (discernment) by different stakeholders can be brought into an assimilation, realized from the integrative influence, where different disciplines intermingle and create an ecosystem influence. Such findings are being studied to understand the rich diversity that emerged during cambrian explosion. Example the the geological influence on the sedimentation and its impact on the living organisms developing functional capabilities deriving from certain calcite properties as in bones, teeth etc

Combining discussion around Context and Integrative Social Inquiry

A. Observer (unconditioned and defeating imposition) merely observing system and asking only one question “why” – in context

(incorporating Bohm – Science, Order and Creativity – significance of social abilities in languaging, sensing, cognition, assimilation etc playing a role in formation of situational experience / knowledge).

B. Within system complexity becoming more complex – higher order of complexity. System “constraints” are experienced.

Change which is a constant by itself, has ‘conflict’ traveling along side constantly. This is a paradoxical phenomenon. Conflict is because of the inherent ‘constraint’ that is pushing the system to seek transformation. The constraint emerges due to the conflict in the resources, for which all living organisms are fighting for its own sustenance. Seeking to resolve the conflict, in order to overcome the constraint, the system transforms and it undergoes entropy occupying different increasing orders, as it mitigates levels of complexities in a complex system.

C. Observer (set of observers) record the “order” of the system as a result of integrative influences. Observers have to acquire ways to achieve equilibrium in the new order of complexity, by overcoming system constraints.

D. There are two contending ways the society can respond to achieve harmony within complex system.

From – De’Arcy Wentworth Thomson (DWT) – Growth and Form

and Form and Transformation – Gerry Webster and Brian Goodwin; this book makes a case for generative development in biology

a. Natural Selection – Adaptive – Darwinian – Natural Selection – Survival Of Fittest – Dominance

b. Self Regulation – Generative – Innovation – Diversity – Cambrian Explosion – Unique Peculiarities – Co Existence – Emergent

Accountable Care Organization (ACO) driven by Affordability Care Act transforms the present Healthcare System that is adaptive (competitive) into generative (collaborative / co-ordinated) to achieve inclusive success and partake in the savings achieved. This is a generative systemic response contrasting the functional and competitive response of an adaptive system.

Natural selection seems to have resulted in functional transformation, where adaptive is the mode; does not account for diversity.

Self Regulation – seems like is a systemic outcome due to integrative influence (ecosystem), responding to the system constraints. Accounts for rich diversity.

The observer learns generatively from the system constraints for the type of reflexive response required (Refer – Generative Grammar – Immune System –

From the above observation, should the theory in self regulation seem more correct and that adheres to laws of nature, in which generative learning occurs. Then, the assertion is “method” is offered by the system itself. System’s ontology has an implicate knowledge of the processes required for transformation (David Bohm – Implicate Order)

For very large complex system,

System itself is the method – impetus is the “constraint”.

In the video below, the ability for the cells to creatively create the script is discussed which makes the case for self regulated and generative complex system in addition to complex adaptive system.


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