programmed cell death

Distortions leads to Cancerous Growth within Enterprise

Programmed Cell Death is very important function to understand to gain insight into the way Transformation need to occur. When distortions occur in Enterprise Engineering, then this leads into obvious cancerous growth, which does not have easy remedy.

How many CIO’s in the market inadvertently are responsible for distortions?! Countless.

In Lack of Theories – Planning will be along a Straight Line

Light bends in a gravitational field

Einstein's prediction (1907): Light bends in a gravitational field

Enterprise Architecture as a discipline promotes a framework of theories useful for planning the enterprise behavior. It might take years for verifying a theory; but in lack of it, manifold years will be needed to salvage the wrong done. In lack of theories the planning will be along a straight line, completely missing what mind should have uncovered and rather relying on what meets the eye. Furthermore, while acknowledging that planning is not moving along a straight line, it also must factor that random action exists that gives rise to unpredictability. This means detecting actions that leads into fragments and anticipating consequence due to them is very important both in structure and in behavior.

Most important among all other theories in the realm of EA is ‘Theory of Constraints’. Per ‘Programmed Cell Death’ A Constraint provides information about the current state and why it evolved into its present state from the past. Also, it provides inference into the possible future state. TOC also ties into system dynamics that can be explained by entropy. All these together has a consequence in terms of the behavior, especially with the probabilistic determinism at macroscopic level and indeterminism at microscopic level. The all encompassing behavior of the enterprise as an instrument with no beginning and end is explained by ‘implicate order’, which also accounts for generative transformations by unfoldments the DNA of which exists enfolded. All encompassing means an inclusive and a pluralistic architectural framework.

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Emergence of Universe – Thought Experiment that traces the origin of Universe and where possibly it might go. This is study of generative transformation.

9 Billion Dollar Scientific Experiment – To verify the creation of world. Why do we need this? Keep asking this billion dollar question (that is 9 times manifold, 1000 times manifold – a million dollar question)

Bailout is (was) an Attempt to Saddle a Dead Horse

A Metaphor for Proffering a Dead System as a Solution

A Metaphor for Proffering a Dead System as a Solution – Pls Buy Picture from Devian Art


Fast-forward Forbes reports dismal growth in small business sector

2013 March – from above link 

<<Since big companies largely have recovered, and government employment has grown, at least at the federal level, clearly the real problem lies with the poor performance of smaller, and most critically newer, firms. In the past, young businesses bailed out the economy and spurred innovation. Yet today fewer than 8% of U.S. companies are five years old or younger, down from between 12% and 13% in the early 1980s, another period following a deep recession.>>

Also I am tempted to add that big business in their own motivation for fortune increase are also cause for demise of many small businesses. The coveting democracy and capitalism often times corroborate  at the cost of destroying free enterprise, while advancing their own schemes, as we have seen in awesome Movie Tucker – The Man and His Dreams


Elusive Enterprise Darwinism (Nov 2008)

By saddling a dead horse the system cannot be changed. Resurrection is not change and it is best left to those who are above humans. The system pertaining to human will ever remain in the bondage of life and death. And, this system is governed by entropy. By merely doling out money to dying mechanisms newer mechanism do not appear. Only when a non-working system dies by a process of generative transformation newer system emerge. Bailout has the hazard of creating cancerous areas in the system. Studying programmed cell death it is evident that nature has desired that divine ‘death by design’ a willing suicide be a necessary intervention for regulating organism’s life-cycle. As the older mechanism dies it imparts newer properties and characteristics to the emerging mechanism. In the newer mechanisms the older parts that prove not to be useful to the newer function become the vestigial organs and they die. If the older mechanism is forced to perform in the newer paradigm requiring completely newer set of rules, they create stress within the existing structure and eventually the system will implode.

Some of the bail out money could have been directly be invested in the lower denomination who are suffering, while allowing for some of the institutions to undergo its natural decay. It must be borne in mind what bailout means to different sectors. Manufacturing sector and such employs more blue collar workers, while the Service sector employs more white collar workers. Among the two, it is the blue collar who are more in denial and it is these people who work tireless to render the system more economic.

Rising Like a Phoenix

Rising Like a Phoenix

What has to rise is not the dysfunctional economic system, but the existing mass with newer modes of making a living and a just-ful process of compensation. All most all the corporates have turned into a feudalistic system giving rise to machiavellian personalities that is useful to only handful of the masses. The hedge funds etc were to be used as instruments to an investment that would protect one from the future fluctuations.  Instead, it was deviously turned into instruments to be used for investing in abstract and complicated risks.

Change is difficult and needs bold moves from the masses. In the past land reform occurred and the feudalistic system was removed by passing land reform act ‘ land for the tiller’.  Moving forward, more such systemic development needs to occur especially newer economic system has to be planned that accelerates the micro-finance  distributing small and quick money that promotes small businesses.  What is needed is a syndication mechanism that promotes development at the grass root level. Furthermore, stringent rules have to be put into place that governs individual contracting. The existing laws are full of holes that exploits the vulnerable individual contractors. In this 21st century any notion of emancipation is a far fetched concept. But certainly there will be CHANGE as it has always happened. It is an entropic property of the system in which dwells both order and disorder. When change happens it will be a ‘step function’ – ferocious, fast and ruthless.

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Teaching an Elephant to Dance

Alice Teaches White Elephant to Dance (WhiEle) Children are hollering. Fall is here. Myriad colors. Drivers on road are honking crazy. Beautiful fall. But rip-roaring are all. Ooh! this fizzling world has gone amok. Dizzy!! Convoluting colors are blinding. Yeah! what is this! Everything has gone white. Bizarre!!  AM I feeling dizzy? Aaaaaalice! Its me. I have been waiting for you. For  the one not caught-up by the convolution. Did you not see, the rest of the world has collapsed into a complex mass.  It’s me the white elephant. I am WhiEle. I am the splinter of that mangled world. 

(alice) Ho no! not  rabbit hole again! Hey! Mr. WhiEle. Did you say, in you is concealed a mangled world. And, that you have sought me. And, why was that? 

(WhiEle) Yes, I did seek  you within myself, to remedy the maladies which afflict me. 

(alice) Ooh!! sooo confusing. I dread to think that I was within you, a meaningless mass, that was once in a hurry. Jeeves! my dear mind, tell me WHO AM I? 

(Jeeves) Aaaha!! very simple Alice, you are the spirit of that white elephant, you are the sentient being, the wakefulness of this world. 

(alice) And, what are we all together to do? 

(WhiEle) Dance, I mean, help me find a dance most befitting to me. I have always danced in the mall and enthralled shoppers. Now, I have become obscure. No one notices when I dance. Will you please help me find my theater? 

(alice) OOh! WhiEle what a rambling rubble you have become. Don’t you worry. In your lamentation lies your answer. Ok!! where do we begin. 

Separation of Concerns

(alice) You have become such a behemoth. It is practically impossible to treat you with all you together. So let me dissect you.  

(WhiEle) Eeee! you mean you will tear me down. 

(alice) No! no! not rip you physically. But yes, in a way I will. I will model you by  breaking you down into pieces. I will hear all your lamentation and bemoaning. And each of that I will reduce until it will reduce no more. Into a hierarchy of the problem that you are I will model. Do you read me? And, what did you say is your goal. TO DANCE. To make people happy. To make society benefit from your existence. To that goal, I will model your problem and discover the hindering lumps within your rigid self. Do you know Mr. WhiEle, that unexercised cells within you either atrophies  or become rigid. And, it is they who hinder you from doing what the world desires. After becoming a behemoth, you have lost the ability to see your self, both within and from  outside. Rigidity has decreased your movements and increased blind spots. So you have become stiff like a stuffed cadaver. By disintegrating the problem, it can be separated in context of concerns. From all your lamentations, concerns can be discovered. It is required that the problems be separated in context  of concerns and built into a hierarchy of structure. ‘Structure’ did I say. Pay close attention Mr.WhiEle. In structure lies your misery and also your happiness.  In Christopher Alexander’s words, a logically structured problem, promotes loss of innocence. Also, a logically structured problem acquires a distinct ‘form’ which explicitly expresses a problem. Aaah! once your aspiration and the hindering forces are modeled into a structure, your mangled mass becomes more visible. And, now you can be ‘analyzed’.

(WhiEle) Can ever a problem be meaningful?

(alice) Most times yes. Problem instructs. But WhiEle, be aware not get paralyzed by over analysis.  Hey wait! not done yet. Structure gains meaning when the problems are classified, categorized and characterized. Such a structure, ordered by nature, assumes a form which is layered into a framework.  

Solution to Problem Fitment – Analysis and Synthesis

(alice) ‘Form’, the structure of a problem acquires, lends ‘form’ to solutions. Solution and problem together through their forms exists as an ensemble. Stress arises when misfits exists in the ensemble. It is to be desired in design to keep the stress low. Recurring problem have a common solution. The ensemble of forms of a ‘recurring problem – common solution’ is a ‘pattern’.  There exists a contrast  the way problem and solutions are dealt with. Problems are broken down until it is no more reducible and then analyzed. In contract, solution is designed in parts being discovered from broken down problem and then ‘synthesized’ into a bigger ‘whole’, before it is brought into beneficial use. Solution as a ‘whole’ is bigger than sum of its ‘parts’. It defeats the Cartesian principle. When problems are wrongly identified, then forms get spuriously introduced. The resulting forms prove to masquerade as solutions. No masquerading forms can stand test of time. The stress in such an ensemble ruptures sooner or later. Framework, a system of structure, helps in weeding out the masquerading forms. And, remember structures are paradoxical, they are also the inhibiting forces.     

TathAstu! I know!! Abstraction and Aspect 

(alice) In the process of defining a problem and seeking a congenial solution, abstraction is applied. It is an intuitive way to discover a form that the structure of the problem should acquire. This lends structure to the ensuing solution. Form represent the underlying content through abstraction. This helps in unraveling the unseen complexity. Hey! WhiEle. Who am I? And, what distinguishes me in the anima mundi? You huh! Talking to you, I nearly forgot, that I am talking to myself.

(Whiele) Alice! You are ruthless in subjecting me to apoptosis. Aha! you are my conscious part.  And, How do you know that I am different from the lifeless object? Because, I have seen the unseen in you. Oops what the heck! Alice you are making me coil and recoil. Convoluted that already I am, please spare me from further misery. Hey! wait ! I know! I can abstract that unseen part of me and give it an aspect. I am a sentient being and have learnt to abstract the aspects of the unseen. This way I bring myself to comprehend the unseen and increase my conscious realization. Yes, also I realize that lacking in capacity to abstract I am unable to see the unseen. Aah! I can now model the unseen complex reality existing within my-self. OOh! I see this is the distinguishing factor in the anima mundi. Problems, most times lurking around the bends prove fatal. Rigidity means lacking in spontaneity to tackle problem. Rigidity leads to comatose state. Being conscious helps one improve agility.   tathAstu! I know, I know, who really I am and what really I can. 

(alice) Seee! You are finding answers from your within. Calypso it will be, WhiEle’s great Calypso. Bravo man those who dare they soar

Implicate Order 

(alice) Dear WhiEle, ponder, ponder! what is it really about being agile? Isn’t it about flexible adaptive  or generative growth, the resulting order of the structure  of which is in unfoldment.  The study of the ensemble of form that the problem (AS-IS) structure has assumed, helps in inferring the implied information. This inference facilitates in discovering a close fitment of the solution (TO-BE) under design (the enfolded reality) to the problem ensemble leading to its unfoldment. All architectures in nature are in unfoldment, in growth and decay, in a ceaseless process of evolving into higher order. By unfolding, architectures intends to gain wholeness. David Bohm, famous theoretical physicist, in his theory of the wholeness and the implicate order places more focus on wholeness and process than analysis of separate parts. In converging architectures multiplexing of processes is but evident.

Modeling is a Means Not an End 

(alice) Okay! WhiEle now you know how to deal with a problem, how to design solutions, what role structure plays with both problem and solutions and finally the order that structures are unfolding into with convergence as the key aspect. 


(WhiEle) Okay Alice! I have learnt the mantra. It is in  model and in modeling where all the answers lies. It is the differentiator. With models I ‘become’. 

(alice) Gosh!! goodness me. What a tragedy. I thought you learnt well enough about the masquerading forms.  Mr. WhiEle when will your learn to discern. Learn that means is not an end into itself. Models are abstractions. They are the vaporizing perceptions of the intended reality, not reality themselves. Modeling helps the process of ‘becoming’. Gosh! WhiEle you were so close. Ok. Try again. OOh! who is this? A Kangaroo? Is it you WhiEle? Well!! looks like WhiEle learnt the ‘polymorph’ dance. You are truly an object of amusement. But hey! don’t be devoid of an objective.